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    “It is so easy to live by an “”out of sight, out of mind”” mindset when it comes to your vehicle. The truth is, it can definitely be overwhelming to think about all the little machines and components that make your vehicle function properly. But believe it or not, there are many elements in your vehicle that are made up of material that wears out over time, like rubber.

    Automotive Rubber Parts

    The great thing about rubber is that it is resistant to many of the chemicals used in your vehicle. Rubber can also tolerate heat and cold very well, though overtime it will melt or crack. Rubber also doesn’t conduct electricity, so it can prevent a charge from escaping and damaging other parts of your vehicle.


    Many of the hoses in your vehicle, like your radiator hoses which carry coolant to keep your engine at the proper operating temperature, are made of rubber. Overtime, these hoses will crack and can cause leaks. It’s important to get these components replaced when excessive cracking occurs, to keep from costly engine repairs. Other hoses in your vehicle connect to fuel lines, air conditioning, power steering and your braking system.


    Your timing belt is responsible for keeping your engine’s various components working together in synchronization. Because it is made of rubber, it will stretch and crack overtime. A slipped timing belt can cause engine misfiring and a completely severed timing belt can cause a complete engine breakdown. Just like all the other belts in your vehicle that provide power to other major systems like your ac compressor and your power steering pump, the upkeep of these belts is extremely vital to your vehicle’s systems running safely and efficiently.


    Rubber is also used to make many gaskets in your vehicle. Gaskets are little rubber rings that help create a seal so there’s no leaks when fluids are flowing through pipes and hoses. Rubber is also used to create shields for electrical pieces in your car like spark plugs.

    Many other rubber parts are also indispensible for a vehicle, such as Auto OEM Rubber Part, Rubber Molded Parts, Rubber Molded Parts, Rubber Chimney Cap, Silicone Rubber Parts, etc.

    Automotive Seals for a safe ride are essential as well. Seals that can withstand extreme temperatures and environments is a critical capability when it comes to the countless mechanical operations we rely on everyday, especially in the inner workings of our cars.

    Seals help keep everything in your car in working order, from the mechanisms under your hood to your wheels and trunk. They also prevent leakage, keeping oil, coolant, and gas in your car so you can make it safely from point A to point B. And there are even seals around your doors and windows to keep the rain, snow, and cold (or hot) air out, helping to maintain the interior comfort of your car.

    Except for those, some Silicone accessories are used together such as Silicone Extrusion Parts, Silicone Extrusion Tubing, Silicone Extrusion Seals, etc.