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    “Furniture refers to movable objects intended to support various human activities such as seating (e.g., stools, chairs, and sofas), eating (tables), storing items, eating and/or working with an item, and sleeping (e.g., beds and hammocks). Furniture is also used to hold objects at a convenient height for work (as horizontal surfaces above the ground, such as tables and desks), or to store things (e.g., cupboards, shelves, and drawers). Furniture can be a product of design and can be considered a form of decorative art. In addition to furniture’s functional role, it can serve a symbolic or religious purpose. It can be made from a vast multitude of materials, including metal, plastic, and wood. Furniture can be made using a variety of woodworking joints which often reflects the local culture.

    In Western architecture, a living room, also called a lounge room (Australian English), lounge (British English), sitting room (British English), or drawing room, is a room for relaxing and socializing in a residential house or apartment. Such a room is sometimes called a front room when it is near the main entrance at the front of the house. In large, formal homes, a sitting room is often a small private living area adjacent to a bedroom, such as the Queens’ Sitting Room and the Lincoln Sitting Room of the White House. After World War I the living room was the least used space in the house, and was referred to as the death room. In the late 19th or early 20th century, Edward Bok advocated using the term living room for the room then commonly called a parlo[u]r or drawing room, and is sometimes erroneously credited with inventing the term. It is now a term used more frequently when referring to a space to relax and unwind within a household. Within different parts of the world, living rooms are designed differently and evolving, but all share the same purpose, to gather users in a comfortable space. Living room furniture refers to the general term for the furniture placed in the living room. Living room furniture tends to be simple, thin and practical, and some living room furniture is even made of cardboard. Its product design uses the principle of phase mechanics to make furniture with sufficient strength. At the same time, the surface of the furniture is coated with protective paint. After special treatment, the two weaknesses of pressure resistance and water resistance are solved, so that the paper-made furniture has certain functions such as moisture-proof, waterproof, mildew-proof and insect-proof. Most of the living room furniture are coffee tables, TV cabinets and semi-enclosed sofas, which play the functions of meeting guests and enclosing and reuniting. In fact, some functions can be added or subtracted to utilize the space in multiple dimensions. Some families do not often watch TV, so they can put the TV in the bedroom and set up the living room only as a space for meeting guests; families who do not often come to guests can use a one-line sofa or make tatami mats to save a lot of space; there is not much time for dining at home, the coffee table can be used as a dining table, of which a wooden coffee table is a good choice; when there is no TV in the living room, a small reading space can be arranged.

    Dinning room furniture is an appliance with functions such as sitting, lying, leaning, and eating, which are used in human daily life and social activities. It is usually assembled from several parts in a certain way. Dinning room furniture mainly includes the following categories: dining table, dining chair, deck, sofa, bar stool, bar table, turntable, dining cabinet, wine cabinet, beibei chair, garbage cabinet, etc. According to the industry classification, it can be divided into: Chinese restaurant furniture, western restaurant furniture, coffee shop furniture, tea house furniture, fast food restaurant furniture, restaurant dining table and chairs, etc. Dining chairs generally do not have armrests, so that there will be a casual and comfortable feeling when dining. Dining chairs with armrests are recommended for more formal occasions or when the main seat is displayed, for a solemn atmosphere or to make people feel more comfortable. The seat height of the dining chair is very particular, usually it should be kept between 420-440mm, and the height difference between the chair and the desktop should be kept between 280-320mm. In addition, the front seat width of the chair should not be less than 380mm, the seat depth should be between 340-420mm, and the total height of the seat back should be between 850-1000mm. There are also partitioned low cabinets and hanging cabinets in the form of dining cabinets, which are designed according to the special needs of space division, and their dimensions are basically determined around the above dimensions. The design of the dining cabinet should be delicate and delicate, and the function division should be reasonable and decent. At the same time, the upper glass door should use 8mm thick glass shelves as much as possible, and set spotlight quartz downlights at the corresponding positions of each perspective door and the top plate. In this way, through the perfect coordination of modeling lighting and materials, a warm and interesting dining area scene will be displayed in front of you. The height and width of the cupboard do not have a certain size, it is mainly coordinated with the overall space ratio.

    Bed room furniture refers to the collective term for the furniture placed in the bedroom. Bedroom furniture includes but is not limited to beds, mattresses, wardrobes, dressers and bedside tables, as well as bedding, etc. The bedroom is the most private place in all rooms, but it is also the most romantic and personal place. The area of the bedroom is generally about 20 square meters. Therefore, the main function of the bedroom is not only to provide you with a comfortable sleeping environment, but also to store storage. function. They are undoubtedly the protagonists in the bedroom, and a good set of bedroom furniture, especially the bed, can change a person’s quality of life.
    The study is a place for reciting poetry, painting, reading and writing. It requires high taste and excellence in craftsmanship, so that the study creates a simple and elegant atmosphere. The furnishings are exquisite, focusing on simplicity and clarity. It is convenient for literary friends to learn from each other, sip tea and play chess, read books and play the piano. Therefore, bookshelf, Baxian table, Taishi chair, chess table, Guqin, etc. must be equipped. Modern study room furniture has developed rapidly. Taking the writing desk as an example, in addition to the complete size and specifications, the materials used are also various and complicated. The desktop of the desk can be placed with a computer, and the main and auxiliary desks can be separated to increase the table space; the height of the writing desk is limited to 70-76cm to keep the human body comfortable for long-term study and work; there is no drawer in the middle, or the height of folders and ink bottles is set as Limited thin drawers so that the legs have enough space for freedom. Therefore, when choosing office furniture, the first thing is to decide what kind of office desk to buy according to your own needs and the living conditions of your home. The thing to consider is the color matching with the style of the room. From the perspective of color, dark office appliances can ensure a calm and stable mentality during study and work, and are more suitable for academic, literature, mathematics and other learning; while brightly colored and uniquely shaped office appliances , inspiring and other learning is very beneficial.

    Hotel furniture is a hotel engineering project. The matching design of the hotel engineering project and the indoor environment needs to directly consider the harmony between the indoor function and the environment. In addition, according to the different star requirements and standards, the style requirements are different. Hotel furniture generally includes hotel room furniture, hotel living room furniture, hotel restaurant furniture, hotel fixed furniture, wood veneer, public space furniture, conference furniture, etc.