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    “The Courses for Early Language Education reflects Xuba Language Enlightenment’s value orientation in the process of children’s learning of their mother tongue, and it is one aspect of Xuba Language Enlightenment’s multi-dimensional value concept. Therefore, the courses for early language education is not a teaching method in a simple sense, nor is it a teaching material for children to learn their mother tongue in the conventional concept. On the contrary, the courses has the universal characteristics of general pedagogy, and then has its own independent system. Therefore, we prefer to regard the language course as a curriculum model for children’s diversified learning with language as the carrier.
    It is not difficult to find that each part of the courses of language construction involves a wide range of elements that affect the development of educational and teaching activities: the values pursued by educational and teaching activities, the content stipulated in educational and teaching activities, the methods selected for educational and teaching activities, The operation model of education and teaching activities, the basic requirements followed by education and teaching activities, the detection and evaluation system of the quality of education and teaching activities, and the many details that should be paid attention to in the process of education and teaching activities.
    The Teaching Products for Early Language Education we provide includes English basic word cards, English advanced word cards, English phonics cards and picture book reading device. English basic word cards also known as XUBA 243 word cards, 243 words are selected which are suitable for English enlightenment. With recto-verso print, the cards are point-reading sensitive and suitable for flashing and point-reading. English advanced word cards, it is composed of 1000 basic words that have been carefully selected, covering the body, home, fruits, vegetables, animals, birds, insects and things of other aspects. Selection follows the principle of commonness, interest and expansion, avoiding the principle of abstract words. English phonics cards contains phoneme cards, joint pronunciation cards, English phonetic cards. The joint pronunciation cards and the English phonetic cards are distinctive cards from Xuba Language, which can help the children to master the joint pronunciation and the English sound parts quickly. Mastering of these cards can lay a good foundation for children’s phonics learning. And Teaching Cards for Early Education also happen to cover the three items mentioned above.
    Tests for Early Language Education contains two aspects, they are spoken English test young learners and training for spoken English test for young learners. ISET-YL (International Spoken English Test for Young Learners) is developed and supervised by IEERA. Founded in 1965 and headquartered in New York, IEERA is a maker of International Standards for English education, and a guidance provider to English education institutes throughout the world to implement high level English education programs and standards. At present, ISET-YL certificate is accepted in 159 countries or regions. It is recognized and used by over 20 thousand international academies or institutions with 18 million candidates worldwide. This certification enjoys a good reputation of “”qualification passport””.
    Books for Early Language Education consists of Early English Eduaction for Babies, English Words for Children Volume One&Two, Early English Education Instructors Textbook, English Class for Fun 0-3&3-6 Years Old and so on. With native language enlightenment method for babies to increase vocabulary base rapidly and facilitating sound parenting reading habit, these books will help children to easily achieve native English listening ability equivalent to their Chinese level. And also these are a very practical book of words cognition for English enlightenment. Based on Xuba’s researches, understandings and practices on children’s cognition areas, principles of closing to life, expanding and interest are considered. Words of 31 themes are selected that cover every aspect of children’s recognition towards things around them in their early development stages. Main body of these books are all in English to develop children’s English thinking. Rich colors and adorable images of the book are helpful for children to accumulate 1000 situational words and phrases easily in their golden stage of recognition.
    Peripheral Products for Early Language Education includes little school bag yellow & blue, which can be innovated and has a super capacity, and it is easy to clean for its waterproof properties; and multifunction early education Smart Machine blue & pink, it is only a system, but also an English practice class for children and a personal English AI tutor, who can help children improve their oral English ability before school and in K12, and can perfectly interpret the challenges of K12 oral English test. The content of the system covers 31 versions of K12 textbooks, providing a full set of graded English courses and connecting with the oral English test. And it can also enable the children to do practices in multiple scenes for various oral English tests. By introducing synchronous English textbooks of dozens of publishing houses nationwide, Biba can save your effort and money and acts better than a professional English teacher. It also has the same standard as the National Examination Center. Meanwhile, Biba M15 provides a set of oral cards. For example, for “”书本”” in English: “”BOOK””, Biba first reads the standard pronunciation, and then the child listen and repeat. Then Biba can test whether the children’s English pronunciation is accurate or not, and makes the whole word pronunciation assessment precisely. If children speak correctly,it will automatically jump onto another word. If you do not speak correctly, Biba will also encourage you to read it again, a test up to three times. The same goes for sentence training. If you still want to listen and repeat, you can press the forward or the backward button, which is super effective for the development of children’s language skills.